Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals


If you are enquiring about a baptism, wedding or funeral we want to be here to help you. We believe that God has an important part to play in the great occasions of people’s lives. We aim to always be available to those who live in our community as we serve the local area. 




Baptisms or Christenings are usually carried out in the church of the parish where you live so that you or your child can be welcomed into the life of the local church. If you wish to enquire about baptisms please come along to a service and ask the clergy present about how to take the next step. Or you can contact the Office to arrange for the baptism coordinator to get in touch with you.


At St Jude’s we believe that:

Baptisms should, whenever possible, take place at a main morning service.

Baptism preparation will seek to develop a relationship between new families and the church.





Weddings are always a time of great joy and we love to be involved. There are legal regulations about where people can be married. If you live in the parish then you have an automatic right to be married in the local church. If you have a qualifying connection, see below, then you can also be married in our church. For more information please contact the clergy at a service or call the office for more details.


To be able to be married in a church one of you need to fulfil one of the following qualifying connections:
1. You were baptised in the parish.
2. You were confirmed in the parish and your name is entered in the register of St Jude’s.

3. Any of your parents or grandparents were married in this parish.
4. You have resided in the parish of St Jude’s for a period of at least six months.
5. One of your parents has lived in in the Parish of St Jude’s for at least six months during your lifetime.
6. You have attended public worship at our services in this parish for at least six months. This can be at any time before the wedding, but you must attend for at least two months before the date of the wedding can be fixed.
7. One of your parents has attended public worship at our church services in this parish for at least six months during your lifetime.


Please contact the Church Office in the first instance and we can discuss the qualifying connection with you. The minister of the parish is under a legal duty to be satisfied that you can lawfully marry in the parish and therefore you will be asked to provide proof of the qualifying connection. You may find it helpful to read the material on the Church of England website


You will be expected to attend Marriage Preparation before the wedding.


Remarriage of those who have been divorced will only take place in exceptional circumstances, but we are generally happy to offer a dedication and blessing service after a civil marriage for people within the parish.





Funeral services are usually arranged through your undertaker who is there to help with all the practicalities at this difficult time. If you have a link with the parish you may wish to have a service in the church where we can take as long as is needed to remember your loved one. An organist can be arranged or recorded music can be played.


Our clergy are also happy to support you at a service at the local crematoria. You may also wish to hold a memorial service in church to gather people to remember the person who has died. In all cases, we will meet with you to make sure that the service is both personal and appropriate.



The Cost of These Services


There is no charge for baptism services.


The fees for both weddings and funerals are fixed centrally by the Church of England. Our Office can provide you with a detailed breakdown of the fees involved. These are subject to change at the end of each calendar year.



Our Prayer


Our prayer is that, at whatever time of life, you will find the right place to celebrate the lives of those whom you love. We will do all we can to help make any occasion both special and spiritual. By inviting God into these landmark life events we believe that there is always an added dimension of peace and joy.