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Prayer Time: Obedience to God

Estimated Time: 10 - 15 minutes

Opening Prayer:

Begin in prayer. Maybe take a moments quiet pause to engage with the presence of God. If you have a candle, you may want to light it as a reminder that Jesus, the light of the world, is present.

Scripture: Read the story of Jonah in Jonah 1 – 3.


- What did God ask Jonah to do?

- What was Jonah’s response?

- What happened to Jonah?

- When did Jonah turn to God?

- Do you think it is difficult to be obedient?

Doing the right thing:

Think about the following examples. Which of the responses listed is likely to be God’s voice and which are likely to be a bad choice;

Example One:

There is a new child who has started at your school and it is their first day. Do you;

1. Ignore them completely – they will make friends eventually

2. Make an extra special effort to be kind to them and show them where everything is

3. Laugh every time they get something wrong

Example Two:

There are only three chocolate biscuit left on the biscuit table at church and a group of four of you Is approaching the table. Do you;

1. Run to the table as fast as you can to make sure you’re the first there

2. Prepare an emotional speech explaining why you most deserve to have the biscuit

3. Ask the others if they’d like a biscuit and be prepared to miss out.

Example Three:

You are playing in the dining room and knock over a vase of flowers which falls and breaks on the floor. Do you:

1. Blame it on your brother or sister – after all, they would probably do the same thing to you.

2. Pretend that nothing has happened and hope your parents don’t notice the mess

3. Go and find your mum and dad, explain what has happened and say sorry.

Prayer Activity:

Now reflect on an example from your life where you had to make a difficult choice. It can either be a choice that has already happened or a decision you’ve got coming up. What might God be saying into that choice or situation.

Song: Play the song ‘Trading my sorrows’ and join in as best you can with the actions.


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