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Sunday 24th May

Craft: Ascension Promise Prayer Chooser

You will need:

• Paper

• Pen

• Scissors

• Glue

• Cotton wool

• Templates of dove, heart, crown, and coming back – these are below, or if you don’t have a printer, you can draw them yourself • Gold/yellow paper and red paper (optional)


1. Start with a square of paper – in the video it shows how to make a rectangle into a square if you need to.

2. Fold the paper up as explained in the video

3. On the top you write “A cloud hid him” as explained in the video and then stick on bits of cotton wool

4. Flatten it out and write in the prayers for people (patience, courage, strength, friendship, joy, peace, healing, power) – you can draw pictures or colour in each flap instead if you prefer.

5. Print out the templates below (if you can). You can draw round the heart and the crown and then cut them out of red paper and gold/yellow paper if you have it.

6. Unfold the very inside and stick on or draw the dove, heart, crown, and coming back symbols.

7. Fold it back together – now it’s ready!

To pray with your prayer chooser:

• Choose someone to pray for • Spell out their name with the chooser.

• Choose something to pray for them and pray

• Unfold the flap to remember one of the Ascension promises (Heart - Jesus loves us and is close to us, Dove – the Holy Spirit lives in us, Crown – Jesus is in charge as King of the universe, Coming back – he will come back and sort everything out).

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