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Sunday 29th March

Theme: Stuck Inside

Approximate Time: 20 – 30 mins

Target Age Group: 3 - 9

Session Summary:

By now most of us have probably done at least a week stuck inside our homes. For some of us this will have been a fun experience, trying out a different routine at home while for others this will have been really hard or frustrating. Today’s session will be helping us to think about the story of a biblical family who also had to spend a long time stuck inside and what signs of hope God gave them

Pause for thought:

1. How have you found this week?

2. What have you enjoyed from your week at home?

3. What have you not enjoyed about being at home?

Icebreaker: Animals

You will need: Colouring pencils and paper

Take turns to draw or colour your favourite animal. If you find drawing hard, you could maybe act like your favourite animal. See if the other members of your family can guess what animal you are thinking of.

Scripture: Noah’s Ark (Genesis 6 – 8)

Read the story of Noah’s Ark. This works best if you find the story in a children’s story bible. If not the story of Noah’s ark can be found in Genesis 6 – 8.

To think about:

1. Why did Noah have to go into the ark?

2. Who went into the ark with Noah?

3. How long was Noah in the ark for?

4. What did they do while they were on the ark?

5. What things do you have to keep you entertained that Noah and his family didn’t have?

6. What was the sign of hope for Noah that the time inside was coming to an end?

7. What was God’s promise to Noah?


40 days, 40 nights in the ark, Noah’s family was confined in a boat. There were no windows, no balconies, no terraces, no internet, no phone, no TV, no Youtube, Facebook or Netflix. They only heard the rain. They spent time praying, loving each other and caring for the animals. God the Father took care of them as Noah was a man of faith and obeyed His word. Remember even though there is out there an ocean of viruses and life seems like a stormy ride, our God is watching over us. Do not be afraid. Be faithful to Him and wait patiently. The rain will stop one day. A rainbow will shine and all will be well again.


You will need paints / felt tips, paper


A positive action that some households are involved with during the period of the Corona Virus is an initiative called ‘Chase the Rainbow’. Families can draw or paint rainbow images to stick in their windows as a sign of hope for passers by and a reminder that, like the flood this will not last forever. As a family, design a rainbow to go in your front window and maybe add a short message to remind people to stay positive and hold on to God’s promises.


Spend some time praying for the following;

· Those who are sick, especially those affected by the Corona Virus

· The health workers and those who care for them

· The most vulnerable in our society; the elderly, the isolated, the poor

Ask God to help show you something you can do to help inspire others to hold on to hope and to stay positive

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