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Sunday 5th April

Theme: A different kind of King

Approximate Time: 20 – 30 mins

A Different Kind of King Resources
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Session Summary:

Given the vast impact that the global Corona Virus pandemic has had on all of our lives, it is easy to forget that we are only a week away from Easter, the pinnacle of the churches calendar and reason for our faith. In a week we will be celebrating the victory of our King Jesus over sin and death. But this week, Palm Sunday, gives us an opportunity to reflect on the kind of king Jesus was. A King that came, not to be served but to serve. A King that chose the humility of a donkey rather than the majesty of soldiers or armies. This session will help us reflect on how the king of the universe is different to other kings and why we hold him in such high esteem.

Icebreaker: Royal Line

See how many members of the royal family you can name.

Next see how many different kings and queens of England you can name

Starter Activity 1:

Look at the Supplementary sheet with various different modes of transport. Imagine you were the King of England and were attending a special celebration held in your honour. Which mode of transport would you use to attend the gathering? Why have you chosen this mode of transport?

Starter Activity 2:

Look at the photograph from Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle. What signs show that they are a royal couple? How are they marked out as important people?

Scripture: Matthew 21:1-11

Read the story of Jesus entering Jerusalem in Matthew 21:1-11

Discussion Questions:

1. What mode of transport did Jesus choose to enter Jerusalem?

2. How did the crowds respond to Jesus?

3. What signs do we see that Jesus is a king?


Look up the song ‘The Servant King’ by Graham Kendrick. You may want to join in with the words or just listen quietly to the song;



In the Palm Sunday story we see Jesus entering Jerusalem to great excitement. But even though this is almost like a parade or procession, rather than the great carnival spectacles we might be used to seeing, there is only Jesus on a donkey. I wonder what image you chose as the mode of transport you would use to go to a celebration if you were the King of England; A lambourghini? Maybe a helicopter? Well Jesus is the King of the universe but, rather than coming with horses or camels or soldiers it’s just him, on a donkey. Why? Well, because Jesus is a different type of king, not a warrior king but a servant king who comes not to be served but to serve.

But the crowds are still excited by him, they sense he is powerful and shout ‘Hosanna’ as they spread their cloaks on the road. The passage even says that people were so excited that it caused a stir in the city. We can also be excited by Jesus, He is our King and we choose to follow Him. He is worthy of our praise and hopefully we make time every day to reflect that

But Palm Sunday only makes sense because of Easter. A week later Jesus will be walking out of Jerusalem with a crowd also shouting, but this time shouting ‘Crucify Him’. I wonder which crowd you are in? Does the way you live show you love Jesus and treat him as your king or are you ashamed and embarrassed of Jesus? Ultimately we will all need to make a decision whether Jesus is our King or not, we can’t just pretend it doesn’t matter. So, as we enter Holy week, maybe take some time to reflect on what makes Jesus so special. What words of praise would you use to describe him? And how are you going to learn from the image of the servant king to serve others?


You will need colouring pencils / felt tips / scissors

Choose one of the palm images that are attached as supplementary sheets. If you have a printer, feel free to print it or you might like to use the image to draw your own palm. Choose a word of praise to write in your palm, maybe ‘Hosanna’ or ‘Blessed one’ or ‘Servant King’ (Or you can come up with your own). Cut out your palms and put them up somewhere you are going to see them. Use them as a reminder this week that Jesus is a king and is worthy of our praise.


Watch the video ‘That’s my King’


What words of praise would you use to describe Jesus? Make a list of different words that you would use to describe Jesus. Take turns speaking these out and then pray as a family that you can learn to serve others. You may want to spend some time thinking about those around you who might need your help at this time. What commitment can you make to God to better serve those around you?

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